Well Worn

Re-imagining clothing brand discovery for a fast fashion world.

The concept

In recent years, the fashion industry has been exposed for its enormous environmental harm and exploitative working conditions. With this issue in mind, I conceptualized Well Worn for my final Interaction Design (ARTG2400) project.

Well Worn is an ethical fashion discovery site that helps users reshape their current brand preferences by presenting more ethical alternatives that are similar in price and style.

What I did

To start, I interviewed people in my target audience (adults ages 20-40) about their shopping habits, what they look for in a brand, and their experience with ethical fashion.

My two key takeaways:

  • People wish they were more informed about the negative impact of the fashion industry.
  • People are concerned about the affordability of buying clothes form ethical fashion brands.

This told me that it would be important to design a brand discovery system that would 1) educate users about ethical fashion and 2) offer alternatives that are at a similar price point to the brands they currently shop at.

Shortly after conducting the interviews, I carried out some competitive analysis and storyboarding, which helped inform the features and user flow of the site.

Competitive analysis comparison table

Comparison of features between similar websites

At this point, I was ready to create a lo-fidelity prototype using Axure. With this prototype, I conducted a few rounds of usability testing, which helped me address any unintuitive interactions or confusion in the content architecture.

Lo-fidelity wireframe for the home pageLo-fidelity wireframe for a brand overview pageLo-fidelity wireframe for the Discover page

Lo-fi prototype

From there, I pulled together a visual brand for Well Worn and applied it to high-fidelity wireframes. A clickable InVision prototype can be found here!

Hi-fidelity wireframe for the home pageHi-fidelity wireframe for a brand overview pageHi-fidelity wireframe for the Discover page

Final prototype (desktop)

Mobile login pageMobile home pageMobile nav menu

Final prototype (mobile)

A set of illustrations

A closer look at the illustration set