Making life organization more people-centered.

What's Contuity?

Contuity is a note-taking app where each note (referred to as a “Jot”) can be associated with one or more people. This way, socially-minded individuals can organize any ideas, tasks, or reminders under the context of their relationships (almost like a scaled-down, personal CRM).

Contuity originated from a community manager and entrepreneur who came to Scout, Northeastern’s student-led design studio, for the design and development of an initial MVP.

What I did

During my Spring 2019 semester in Scout, I helped build Contuity as one of two developers on the project. My team spent the first few weeks conducting user interviews and working with our client to tease out Contuity’s value proposition and prioritize its features.

From there, the other developer and I researched and decided on a suitable tech stack:

  • For the front-end, we chose React Native. Given the short time frame of the project and our shared React experience, React Native offered a cross-platform solution with a reasonable learning curve.
  • For the back-end/database, we used Realm, a lightweight open-source mobile database platform. It supported our relational data and offered authentication/synchronization capabilities.

Working in one-week sprints alongside three super talented designers, we delivered an MVP with the core functionality of Contuity.

App login screenApp all jots screenApp person profile screen

The final app UI

Although this was just an MVP app, our team was successful in laying down the groundwork for future features to be easily built on top! (Video demo coming soon)